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Hi folks, another DVD to share...


1) Kippevel, 24:36 minutes
Broadcasted November 2 1988, VARA TV, Netherlands
Jan Douwe Kroeske is the interviewer.
(By the way "kippevel" is Dutch for "Goose pimples")
Partly in Dutch, mostly English, the interview with FZ is subtitled in
FZ was in Holland in 1988 for his last tour ever. 
There are bits from Halloween 1981, the VPRO 1971 documentary, and more. 

2) Zappa Documentary, 13:30 minutes
Tros TV, Netherlands, 1991.
This version was (re)broadcasted very soon after FZ died (so December
'93), identical to the earlier (91) broadcast with exception of the
first few seconds.
Ivo Niehe is the interviewer, interview done at FZ's house Beverly Hills.
Interview in English with Dutch subtitles.
Some fragments of music, from different shows.
I think the show was called "de TV show" (it is now anyway). 

3) Zappa in memoriam, 4:22 minutes
VPRO (I think I remember), Netherlands.
Broadcasted very soon after FZ died, December '93
Contains bits of the 1971 VPRO documentary, interviews with several
people one of which is Golden Earring's singer Barry Hay.

4) MTV in memoriam, as seen in Holland, 4:59 minutes
Broadcasted very soon after FZ died, December '93
The sound was never very good.

5) Zappa in memoriam, 3:33 minutes.
Veronica TV, Netherlands.
Broadcasted very soon after FZ died, December '93

6) Meridian Art Ensemble 12:06 minutes.
VPRO TV on Nederland 3, Netherlands, March 1994.
Han Reiziger is the interviewer, interviews in Han's mixture of
Han is retired now (2005)
Tracking isn't perfect.
The show is "Reiziger in Muziek", that was on every Sunday morning
between 11 and 12; Han is retired now (2005).
I hate it that my recorder killed the beginning of the "Meridian
notes" part, eating tapes all the time that thing.
I think FZ would have liked it, these guys can sure play.

- TV shows to PAL on HIFI VHS,
- Just sitting on VHS tape for a very long time, waiting for the
digital era to arrive,
- Digitized, using analog input on my Canon MV450i.
- To my computer trough firewire, PAL 720*576 DV, to Pinnacle Studio,
- Some clipping in Studio version 9, saved as DV (so still same
- Transferred to MPEG in TMPEGenc to: MPEG2, PAL 720*576, 7000 kb/s,
VBR two pass (highest quality (very slow)), 384 kb/s sound.
- Authored using TMPEGenc DVD author, two level menus.

For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you.

Frank zappa


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