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Hi folks,

I have a few interesting bits of orchestral & big bands playing zappa
stuff.. this is the first one several on this theme.


Disc 1 - Britten Sinfonia: 30-Nov 2000. Cambridge Corn Exchange,
Cambridge, England

(broadcast 11th December 2000)Performance On 3 - on BBC Radio 3
from 19:30–21:00 –
consists entirely of the Britten Sinfonia (conducted by Rumon Gamba)
in a concert from the Corn Exchange in Cambridge featuring music "from
two of the most original composers of late 20th century America": John
Adams and Frank Zappa.

This comprises Frank's

Dog meat (Dog Breath Variations + Uncle Meat)
Outrage At Valdez
Ruth Is Sleeping
Harry, You're A Beast + The Orange County Lumber Truck
G-Spot Tornado
Disc 2 - The Ulster Orchestra, Friday 29 April. Ulster Hall, Belfast,
7.45 pm

Sonorities' Festival of contemporary music
Dog Breath Variations - The Music of Frank Zappa

Philippe Nahon conductor

About the Ulster Orchestra

Mission statements embody the values and the vision of an
organisation. Enriching life through music is a clear articulation of
the goals and the dreams of the Ulster Orchestra, shaping the
Orchestra's strategies and determining its day-to-day behaviour. The
passion and commitment of this Orchestra is second-to-none.
The Ulster Orchestra, based in Belfast, is a cornerstone of cultural
life in Northern Ireland. It employs 63 full-time musicians and next
year it will be celebrating forty years of musical achievement. As
Northern Ireland's only professional symphony orchestra, its tours
throughout Europe, to Asia and the USA have enhanced the reputation of
this region. The Ulster Orchestra gives about two dozen concerts in
its Belfast season, mainly on Friday evenings, but a new Saturday
strand is being developed with an eye to creating special events
across the season to attract an ever-wider audience.
Most of those concerts take place in either the Waterfront or Ulster
Halls. The Orchestra also gives concerts in many other centres across
Northern Ireland, including Armagh, Coleraine, Derry/Londonderry and
Education and outreach activities which help to break down barriers
and share the excitement of live music-making form a vital part of the
Orchestra's work. Such activity is driven by a strong commitment to
developing home-grown talent and building the audiences of the future,
regardless of any seemingly disadvantaging barriers, whether social,
racial or financial.
Accessibility has been a key factor in the development of the
Orchestra's web-site with its on-line booking facility and its news,
reviews and archival content.
The Ulster Orchestra has made over 60 CD recordings, several of which
have won awards. Its special relationship with the BBC, the
Orchestra's exclusive broadcast partner, results in many recordings
(and many extra public Invitation Concerts), commissions and
performance relays for BBC Radio 3, Radio Ulster and BBC TV.
The Ulster Orchestra seeks the help of individuals and businesses to
maintain its work. It is important that the Orchestra can demonstrate
that its community support is widespread and that the Orchestra's
financial base has a broad foundation, rooted in that community.
The Orchestra values the continued support of its principal funders -
the Arts Council of Northern Ireland (including the National Lottery),
the BBC and Belfast City Council. Their monies, along with the income
generated from ticket sales, contribute hugely to the running of the
Orchestra. However, to achieve a secure future and maintain the
highest musical quality, there is always a substantial amount to be
found from other sources. That extra money helps to address the
shortfall, paying for education and outreach projects, securing
internationally-renowned soloists and conductors, and funding
inspirational programmes which usually require enlarged orchestral forces.


Hear And Now
Sonorities: Dog Breath Variations
Saturday 9 July 2005 (Radio 3)

The music of Frank Zappa is explored by the Ulster Orchestra conducted
by Philippe Nahon in a concert from the recent Sonorities festival in
Presented by Sarah Walker in conversation with Zappa biographer Ben

Presenter: Sarah Walker
Producer: Andrew Kurowski
Broadcast Assistant: Patrick Johns

Dog Breath Variations - The Music of Frank Zappa

'The Perfect Stranger' (13'56")
'Naval Aviation in Art?' (2'37")
'Dupree's Paradise' (9'32")
'Revised music for low budget orchestra' (7'39")
'Envelopes' (4'21")
'The Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat' (5'21")
'Get Whitey' (6'56")
'G-spot tornado' (4'02")

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