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Does Toast have a video file editor? My Roxio for windows has a nice video editor called Videowave. When I drop in an mpeg file it makes all the details available including PAL or NTSC format as well as resolution total time and file size. It also has the ability to convert one to the other but there is usually a slight quality loss. I think the new Toast 7 might have this. I know it has the DivX to DVD converter and the flac support like the windows version. Probably any free or shareware video editor you might find for Mac would be able to tell you the stats for each file though. I understand that such programs are now available for Mac running OS X.


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NTSC is 29.9fps (frames per second) and usually comes 352x240 or 720x480.

PAL is 25fps and usually comes at resolutions 352x288 or 720x576
Jim L



It's another standard/medium yet again, but for digital transmission between computers rather than through the air to an ariel and a domestic TV. It would require either a pc or a domestic player able to read it.


Thanks guys ! The only thing is : If I put multiple mpeg files into Toast, it says I can't burn PAL & NTSC together on the same disc, but I didn't find any mean of knowing wich ones are NTSC and which ones are PAL. So I would like to be able to determine that. See ?



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