Well, the complete, uncensored reconstruction of WOIIFTM is just 
about complete. For the first time, you'll be able to hear a 
complete, uncensored version of the album by the original musicians. 
The only place where the sound quality 'suffers' is the "don't come 
in me, in me" portion of Harry, You're a Beast. Since there was no 
commercially released, uncensored version of the song, I used the 
demo (which can also be heard on MITB) for that portion of the song. 
Everything else will come from a combination of 3 vinyl copies of 
the Verve album (1st pressing, 2nd pressing, and Verve Select), and 
the new Mobile Fidelity gold CD (only where absolutely necessary). 
All of the sources sounded slightly different from one another and 
had to be EQ'd, etc for uniformity. *ALL* of the tracks that were 
censored in one form or another are now uncensored for this 'new' 

Who Needs the Peace Corps ("kick the shit out of me")
Concentrtation Moon (the Velvet Underground line)
Harry, You're a Beast (censored chorus taken from the demo)
Absolutely Free ("publicity balling"
Hot Poop (backward edit from Mother People is now uncensored)
Let's Make the Water Turn Black ("aprons and pads")
Idiot Bastard Son (with tympani intro, taken from Mothermania & MITB)
Mother People (2nd chorus, taken from Mothermania & MITB)

I think that's everything.. :) I still need to do some minor 
tweaking of levels, etc, but I think everyone will be pleased with 
the results.

For those of you who weren't following this thread a few weeks ago, 
I was considering vining out the demos for WOIIFTM. Then someone 
mentioned the 1986 Ryko remaster with the new drums/bass & how the 
speed was off on several of the tracks, etc. I have the speed 
corrected version of that ready to go. 

I'm still not quite sure what all will be in this vine, but I'm 
figuring it will be between 2 & 3 CDs of material.

I'll keep everyone posted as things get closer to the 'release 
date'. I'm probably going to do the same thing I did with MITB - ask 
for volunteers to send my B&P to ge tthings rolling. Those people 
will then extract the tracks to SHN or FLAC format. These will be 
the initial sources for the vine(s). I'm figuring one set of SHNs, 
FLACS, and 'regular' audio CDs. Translation - 3 volunteers. One last 
thing - volunteers must use EAC for the extractions.

I think that's it for now. If you're interested in volunteering to 
get things started, email me offlist at [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
(don't just reply to this message)...


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