I haven't said anything up to now but I agree as well. I've started several
vines in the last six months and I'm thinking that some if not all of them
have disappeared before their time. SOFA came up with this great new system
that should make it easy to track the vines. Seems like the signing up part
is going ok but the posting the list with ones own name removed isn't
happening. Without that part it's hard to know were the vine discs stopped.
Seems to me that with a good system like this we could easily determine who
is killing the vines. For any one not familiar with SOFA's vine method I
took the liberty of posting it here for easy access. 

Jim L 

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you know what...
Methinks we should act more active...if someone doesn't give a s....
to take care why should you do?
We can experience, here on this list and there (on the other one) some great
vines offered by good people to be just vanished just like piff-paff by some
others who...you know what...
Don't want to offend anybody, as I know there are many various life issues
and this is not always as easy as it may seem....but if one doesn't have
time to look after vines and respect the others behind, then I guess that
one don't have time even to listen to what the vines brings to him...
All I suggest is to ommit such person who doesn't responds and if he'll ever
care again to get it...then he/she will pop up again...
I know it isn't always like that...but...what a ....(you name it)
just my 0,2 cents, and your mileage may vary...

Użytkownik Richard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> napisał:
>Looks like no one wants this one, this is about the 4th call.......David
Larson maybe? Hurry david, I did ask for your address Saturday in case
peccary didn\'t come back.....if not, what about you bart? I know you will
>Third call to move this one on...I think if Peccary does not respond by
Monday Night I must assume he is away and will move onto David Larsen.
>David, you may as well send your address off list just in case!

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