Whoa, time out!
Maybe I'm misreading your tone, but I get the feeling of being singled out here. I may be mistaken.
Oh yes, my tone was not intended to be accusatory in any way!
I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, Mr. Skull; you're an adroit poster, and a valued member of the List. Believe that no offense whatsoever should be taken from my diatribe; I wasn't even bashing those who have fallen short in the vine situation... I was trying (albeit poorly) to relate how difficult it is to assess someone's intent, and what to do when you suspect another member of malintent. Actually, my rant was more a plea for help than anything else.
Point being, I'm not the only one who *clearly* expressed some feeling of frustration and disappointment over frequent 'vine failure'.
Point taken... I responded because you weren't the only one (had you been, I would have contacted you directly, rather than take up the group's time with the issue).
As you pointed out this group belongs to all of us, I reserve the right from here on in to decline anyone who failed to keep their end of the bargain on moving a vine along
(AKA "moving the project forward"). I will do this *ONLY* on vines I start, and it will be done off-list\privately. And with the condition that once they uphold their commitment, I will gladly add them to the end of any vine I begin.
That's my "final solution"
Mr. Skull
Okay with me...the group does belong to everybody. But what about the vines that already exist? Like this recent post from NoKeating: "Hey, remember this one from a while back?  I received it from Luis in Argentina, and I'm sending it out to Scott Burnett, in Utah.
I wonder because of this recent post:
"I received the MITB Cds from Brazil and after 2 days I forwarded them to Richard Hall-US (who had been very quick in sending me his snail mail address); then... silence. So I sent another set of CDs to the next in line, Mr. Scott Burnett (it was August 2nd, and I was leaving for my summer holidays).  When I returned back from vacation, I checked the e-mail and saw no messages from Scott confirming he had received and forwarded the packet. So I asked if the CDs had gone lost (I was ready to make a third attempt!) and finally Scott emerged saying (on Aug. 31st) that he was going to send MITB to Cyrano
Then, no sign of life.
Music Would Be The Best
Ya see my predicament? I don't know what to think here. That was why I said that "consequences" for errant viners is a difficult thing to dispense... Many of us here come and go as we please, which is the way it should be. I, on the other hand, have to watch everything. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. And in a couple of weeks I'll begin a new job that promises to keep me even further out of the loop!
So, I apologize that you mistook my tone as an indictment.
And I want to again invite anyone who'd like to get "more involved" with this mewling toddler we call the List to email me privately. I could stand a couple of trusted 'Sergeant's helping run this show.
Speaking of which, I have to be gone for a week starting this Saturday. JimL, could you do me a favor?

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