If Glen can't find his, I may know someone else that has this show...
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>Yeah, thats it!!! August 16 1984,, and all these years I would have sworn it
was 83. Nonetheless, great great show, excellent. I appreciate the info, this
site is great, I really appreciate it!

> Well, here's where you come in, oowdafadumpta (can I call you oow?)...
> I can't find a record of FZ touring in 83 (besides one European show), or 86.
Might you be able to figure out the actual dates of the shows you attended?
Try checking http://home.swipnet.se/fzshows/FZShowsoverview.html or http://
zappagigs.sytes.net/ for a memory assist.
> If we have correct concert dates, we might be able to help you in your
> Regards,

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