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SSIA peace, scott
If you mean the Geneva 1980 show, I have it right now. My apologies for not passing it along to you yet, Scott. I am hoping to have time on Friday to package up the vine discs I have right now and get them all to their intended recipients as soon as I can. Again, I apologize for being slow, as I have been working a *lot* of overtime Once I get these remaining vine discs set out, I'm dropping out of the whole vining thing. Aside from not having enough free time to really be an efficient and active participant, an unfortunate incident occured (my mom's hard drive crashed) which caused me to lose a whole shitload of Zappa shows that I had not yet burned to CD, including many vines from this group. The fact that I lost all of this stuff and that it would take a lot of time and money for postage to collect all those shows again has left me very disheartened and wanting to take an extended break from the vining scene, as it were.
Once again, apologies for the couple of people waiting on shows that I have in my possession right now, I will try to get them out to all of you very, very soon (I have like four things right now needing to be sent).

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