here is the euro line
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Conehead-BE << JFD-FR [EMAIL PROTECTED]... << Richard L.M (UK) << Bart (POL )
<< marcomat-IT

Thanks marcomat for up-updating the list.
OK, I have received this great show today coming in from Denmark,
thank you, Carsten !! What a killer sounding show, fabulous !!

I won't be able to send it onwards before early next week, so thank
you all behind for your patience ... Meanwhile, could JFD from France
already send me his postal address in private, please ? Thanks.

Back in a couple of days,
best wishes,


--- In, "marcomat" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So, if Carsten's "updated" list is correct, it should be up-updated
> follows... I think
> Cris H-UK << Alain.R-CH(Switzerland) << John G -UK << Carsten - DK
> Conehead-BE << JFD-FR [EMAIL PROTECTED] << Richard L.M (UK) << Bart (POL )
> marcomat-IT
> Correct me if I'm wrong
> All the best

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