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Subject: [Zappa-List] NEW VO 3 OCT 1968 WORCESTER UK 1 CD AUDIO

I have the above to share with the group. I downloaded it from Napster, as
was, several years ago, so there must be an MP3 history, I think, although
the sound is pretty good.
This is Zappa in his Dada phase, esperimenting with sound effects and
orchestras, the most exciting and compelling Zappa that I know. Its nearest
album is Freak Out.
If anyone has another version (the full version is 90 minutes apparently),
please apply for this and compare - or get into contact with me.  I love

??-Oct 1968, Worcester, UK,
90 min, SBD, A-
w/ Don Cherry (*). Most likely a mix of two different shows, possibly 3-Oct
1968 and 5-Jun 1969.
Improvisation (including It Can't Happen Here), Help I'm A Rock/Transylvania
Boogie, Improvisation, King Kong, Improvisation, Trouble Every Day,
Absolutely Free, In The Sky, String Quartet (including Oh No, Transylvania
Boogie), Improvisation *, [edit between shows here?], String Quartet
(including Transylvania Boogie

                                                    Kind regards, nick

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Thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and a bunch of other guys I can pass
this on
I have no idea whose next!
Contact me though, and its yours

best regards

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