im a hippie from haight ashbury i was a  mothers fan and in 68 moved from haight ashbury to la to work with the diggers in hollywood, was hitch hikeing up laural canyon blvd when gail zappa picked me up  with her daughter moon unit, she asked me if i need a place to crash, and invited me to live at the log cabin, their was a small  commune of hippies liveing in the caves in back of the log cabin, i lived there ,  the house next door on lookout mountain was a nice house of chicks who were friends with gail and frank, i played drums, andmy friend pink cloud played guitar,  with wildman fischer singing we played the one show as wildman fischer pink cloud and white rabbitt, think of cream but , larry fisher was wacky,  zappa was king of the mind f**k
and wildman fischer fit into the bizarre, weird, that zappa got off on,zappa had that sick,funny mad magizine sence of humour that larry fischer brought to the table,
 hope that makes some sence to u

Glen Young <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
White Rabbit wrote

i know larry fischer, i played a news years show with him that zappa had
herb cohen record,

If this is the case then who is White  he a musician we
would be familiar with ?

Just curious.


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