Thanks for chiming in, Bart. But if you follow this subject's thread back, you will see that it is this message that provided me the vinage that I posted, which some folks think is the "Fillmore 1970 + Harrisburg, PA 1974". rabbitt read me the dates off of the disks and they said '76 & '79.
I'm just trying to help out rabbitt, who is confused (and rightly so, probably more so now).
So, one more time for the world, I'm quite sure that the remaining vinage should be:
<< Scott Burnett - US << Joseph-US [EMAIL PROTECTED] << Guy-US  [EMAIL PROTECTED] << (but Scott Burnett has been AWOL for a while).
Now, if the vine went out of order, or if some members removed themselves from it, there were no messages under the above subject line to indicate so...
" it a photo of yours cd storage rack placed at the PMS group ? - love the sight of all of these toys spread around :)"
The PMS group? I guess I can be cranky at times, but PMS? If you mean TBN's web site, then it's probably me; I did have a pic in front of my FZ collection a long time back, the CD portion has grown by a couple of cases...
Warm Regards,

I sent it to John (USA) then he passed to Nick (UK), Nick did or should
give it to White Rabbit...and now White Rabbit has it, as no one else
after him claimed for this one...
so the vine is almost an orphan...:-)

--- In, "Nick Ullmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]...>
> This is the lineage for this one:

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