Hi Steve,
I guess I missed an email from ya!
I have a copt that came from Sharing The groove..Don't know the source though.

stevem <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
SSIA folks. I'm looking for a copy of the WOIIFTM acetates/demos CD (no MP3
source) to finish up the "complete unedited" WOIIFTM sessions that I've been
threatening to vine here. I thought I was ready to go, and then Chris
Foreman sent me a CD that a friend of his created and that version of Harry
You're a Beast is a little cleaner than the source I have (Chris - I tried
contacting you about this via email, but didn't hear anything from you).

If anyone has a copy of the WOIIFTM acetates/demos CD (again, not an MP3
source), email me offlist. Whoever can provide me a copy will get a 'free'
copy of the "complete unedited" WOIIFTM vine when it's done.



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