Yeah, Bro; I know...
I guess it's one of those "diff'rent strokes" kinda deals. Some don't care where they hang their hats, or who is hangin' theirs in their home. I'm not that way, and have been criticized openly for it. No problem here... I love this Group: how we operate, and why.
The List is just one of many things I have going for which to be thankful.
You guys ROCK!
It's my sincere wish that everyone takes the time to appreciate family & friends - not only today, but all year 'round.
Have yerself a good one, brer rabbitt!
main reason i sent it to u was he was out rite bootleging them openly and that dude rosebburg never said a word in his turtle group, thought u should se it,
thats i send it,
peace love
white rabbitt

Yes I did, rabbitt, thank you.
I don't know if I care to take the guy up on his offer, but I appreciate you letting me know...
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sofa did u get the email i forworded to u
about the turtles
peace love white rabbitt

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