The magazine should have said "scheduled to play" instead of "playing". They aren't playing any shows as of yet. The Euro shows have been postponed until early next year - supposedly... Whether there's a US leg of this "tour" is anyone's guess.
And, Frankly, I wouldn't believe too much of anything I read at
What has trickled out is that a) there was some old footage of FZ that was "too cool not to include" in the concerts; b) contractual difficulties with the "special guests" have yet to be worked out; c) uncertainty as to whether or not this concert can "sustain itself": have held things up. Pick one, or all of the above...
Oh yeah, there's supposed to be some more stuff coming from the Vault too.
But only if Santa decides that you've been good.
IOW, believe it when it comes to your town and not before...
I apologize if this topic has already been beaten to death on here........
a British guitar&bass mag talked a lot to Dweezil about his dad and his music, and the live shows they are playing. They indicated a few shows in the UK early November, but no mention of US shows. didn't even produce a mention of the UK shows, much less anything else. What gives? Any chance any US shows will be scheduled?

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