I do not wish to come off sounding derogatory mheadley, but I don't know of any burning program that doesn't allow you to manipulate the burning parameters in some way (this is the "Disk at once" [DAO] and "Track at once" [TAO] feature that many respondents have mentioned). Have you the daring to click around your program to see if you can change the default settings? Look in "Tools" or "Options". Click around. I'll bet you find a spot somewhere in the program that allows you to set the burning parameters (maybe a spot that allows you to set the "time limit" of the gap {set it at "0"; a gap will exist, but you won't perceive it}) and I'll bet there's also a spot that allows you to set your new found parameters as a default setting...
No one creates a program that does stuff only one way - not if they want that program to sell, anyway...
Take a chance, mheadley, and explore that program of yours; let us know what you find out.
Oh, and I like - believe it or not - the "Francesco" album during the holidays. Pop it in the player with some other Holiday disks, hit random play, and it blends in beautifully.
PS. Richard: nothing's free, Bro - not really. That's why we have friends, to share their stuff that someone, somewhere, paid for (or got free) at some time... Or, you could write JimL. That man knows where every free program ever created can be downloaded... I'm talking catalog, Dude.
I use Sonic RecordNow (supplied with my PC). You have to select the
Disc At Once advanced option to remove the 2 sec pause between tracks.
The default is Track At Once which includes those pauses.

> Much of the CD buring software out there does not allow
> tracks that segue into one another. I always get that annoying
> "skip" between tracks instead of the smooth musical transitions
>      During the Holidays, I always seem to gravitate towards the old
> Ruben & Jets release. Something about the doo-wop vocals and
> simplistic melodies just seem right for this time of year. Does anyone
> else share this sentiment, or is it just me?

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