Anyone that doesn’t have this one? It’s a soundboard and a lossless version of what I gather has also been distributed in a lossy version. I didn’t find where we ever vined this one before although I see Bart has it listed in his collection. It seems very familiar to me somehow. I should have it by later today.


Happy holidays to everyone that’s celebrating anything. ;-)


Jim L


1973 11 18 Waterloo Canada 82.27 SBD (Bengo)


Description This is the lossless version of the popular bootleg "Ontario Slime" which is lossy. Many thanks to the well respected Zappateer and friend Bengofury for originally seeding this way back when.






18-Nov 1973, Waterloo, Canada

83 min, SBD, A



BeBop Tango

T'mershi Duween

I'm The Slime

Big Swifty

Pygmy Twylyte

Idiot Bastard Son (cut @ 0:27, tape swap)



Dupree's Paradise (fades out)


SB>?>CDR>wav(CEP, corrected track splitting)>flac (566 MB)


== Mothers Of Invention Oct 1973 - Mar 1974 ==

FZ, Tom Fowler, Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood, Napoleon Murphy Brock, George Duke, Bruce Fowler, Jeff Simmons ('74 dates only)


CDR conversion & track split by BengoFury

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