Do you mean that the 83 minute time still needs corrected? Or are you saying that it already has been? There’s no mention of it having been done by Bengofury. If you mean that it still needs corrected I might have a go at it. The problem then becomes the pitch. What if someone has already corrected the pitch digitally without correcting the speed? This can be done these days. My wav editing software can correct the speed with or without changing the pitch. I think it can also correct the pitch without affecting the speed too. Perhaps my ears can be my guide. I might need to wait for the snot to clear out of them first. Had a bad cold that somehow filled my inner ears with snot. It’s cut my hearing down to very little. The doc says it will clear out in 3 to 4 weeks. In the mean time I’m just not enjoying music like I used to. It’s true that we never miss some things until there gone.


Jim L

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I have this show, which I got from Bart in a trade, in fact.

I can tell you one thing, though.. the copy I got from him needed speed and pitch correction. It was on two discs, but at the correct speed and pitch, it fits on one. The 83 minute running time listed above tells me that it should probably be corrected.


It's a fucking great show, though. Great performances, excellent sound quality.



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