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> I think I may be at the end of this vine - Anyone else want this 
> John K
> JohnK-US << Tom McHugh-US <<  
> Permanent Damage (GTO's, LP, Straight STS 1059, December 8, 1969)
>      The Eureka Springs Garbage Lady
>      Miss Pamela and Miss Sparky discuss STUFFED BRAS and some of 
their early gym class experiences
>      Who's Jim Sox?
>      Kansas and the BTO's
>      The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes
>      Wouldn't It Be Sad If There Were No Cones?
>      Do Me In Once And I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I'll Know 
Better (Circular Circulation)
>      The Moche Monster
>      TV Lives
>      Rodney
>      I Have A Paintbrush In My Hand To Color A Triangle
>      Miss Christine's First Conversation With The Plaster Casters 
Of Chicago
>      The Original GTO's
>      The Ghost Chained To The Past, Present, And Future (Shock 
>      Love On An Eleven Year Old Level
>      Miss Pamela's First Conversation With The Plaster Casters Of 
>      I'm In Love With The Ooo-Ooo Man
>      Frank Zappa - Producer
>      Lowell George - Producer
>      Sparky (Sparkie Parker) - Composer
>      David Jones - Composer
>      Miss Christine - Vocals
>      Miss Cinderella - Vocals
>      Miss Mercy - Vocals
>      Miss Pamela - Vocals
>      Miss Sandra - Vocals
>      +
>      Ian Underwood - Keyboards
>      Don Preston - Synthesizer
>      Roy Estrada - Bass
>      Jimmy Carl Black - Drums
>      Frank Zappa - Tambourine
>      Jeff Beck - Guitar
>      Rod Stewart - Vocals
>      Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards
>      Craig Doerge - Keyboards
>      +
>      Rodney Bingenheimer vocals
>      Frank Zappa is widely believed to have created the GTOs as an 
experiment, like a joke band. They played live with  the Mothers of 
Invention, and      
>      some famous muso- style musicians played backing music for 
>      GTO stood for lots of things, including: Girls Together 
>      GirlsTogether Occasionally, Girls Together Only, and Girls 
Together Often.
>      They didn't play their own instruments, they took a lot of 
drugs and they
>       had a lot of sex. They were girl freaks who liked the 
company of other girl freaks.
>      They knew Tiny Tim. Some of them were ex-juvenile 
delinquents. Some of them were street kids. 
>       Miss Christine OD/d and died at the Modern Lovers' house in 
Cohasset, Massachusetts in 1972.
>      Their only album is 'Permanent Damage,' released in 1969, and 
>      reissued in 1989.
> Now Out of Print and Unavailable Commercially!

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