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26) Sink Trap (acetate)
It's worth noting that this is from the 1975 Royce Hall concerts (it's since been released on QuAUDIOPHILiac under the title "Lumpy Gravy") and not from the Lumpy Gravy orchestral recordings at all.
11) Uncle Remus (instrumental version)
And that this is from George's Duke's The Aura Will Prevail.
11) Ship Ahoy (live 2/3/76, Osaka, Japan)
And it still sort of bothers me that this is on the set as it contains maybe five whole seconds of music not on the officially released recording (whereas the entire guitar solo that precedes it in "Zoot Allures" has never been officially released, and it could have easily gone on this set.)
3) Flakes (live, 9/21/78)
And that this is on there instead of "Moe's Vacation" (and it's 9.27.78, btw, not 9.21)
6) Don't Eat the Yellow Snow (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live, 2/18/79)
7) Nanook Rubs It (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live edit, 2/18/79)
8) St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live, 2/18/79)
9) Father O'Blivion (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live, 2/18/79)
10) Rollo (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live, 2/18/79)
And this whole debacle.
15) For the Young Sophisticate (LP version)
And that this is identical to the CD version.

16) Pick Me I'm Clean (LP version)
And the only thing that differentiates this from the CD version is the little drum fill edited in at the beginning. While it came from vinyl, it's still the compiler's version and not legitimately "the LP version." Why this and not "Now You See It - Now You Don't" which gets it's ending tramped on on the CD version due to a crossfade?
8) Strictly Genteel (live, 10/31/81)
And why this is necessary (great, you edited out the guy screaming "Zappa!" at the end, at the expense of something else that could have gone on the set...)
Not that I don't love the entire set as a whole, those are just a few little things that always kinda bugged me...

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