Most certainly it would be my pleasure. Also, as it was removed from the dime tracker in January I will probably repost it there. So whatever the preference (download or snail mail) it will be available.


Jim L

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At 16:28 12-2-2006, you wrote:
>Is this one still available? If so I'm interested.
>Jim L
>--- In, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >
> > with thanks to Mikael in Sweden I got this DVD and the Barcelona DVD.
> > the latter is already on it's way but with the Paris/Beat Club DVD I
> > the last one in the vine.
> >
> > can anyone let me know what to do with it ?
> > or is someone still interested in this DVD as I will gladly pass it
>on to
> > another person.
> >
> > regards
> > Andre
> > Netherlands

hello Jim
sure this one is still available as promised before.
just give me you address and I send it along.

hello fellow traders,
as you can see this dvd is already on it's way to the usa.
to be more precisely to Jim L.
so if anyone is interested just give him a shout and i'm pretty sure he
will continue this vine.


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