I can't "answer" for the copy of Lather you have (I've never played mine on my PC), but I do recall the tracking phenomenon you mention from the vinyl days. I think your assessment is as good as any I've heard.
And while it has been a few years since my emailing, I received a very nice response from Don by contact via his website http://www.donpreston.com/ . As I recall, the response was not immediate, which he explained by his touring schedule.
I've never seen a website devoted entirely to Ian.
Good luck!
And welcome to the List...
Here's my 1st question- I bought the Lather box set. When playing it
on my PC, often the titles appearing are not actually those playing.
Is this an FZ joke from the grave?
Question 2- Anybody know of any interesting sources for Ian
Underwood or Don Preston? I have been to Don's site, emailing himn
from there has provoked no response. I would like to order some of
his and Bunk Gardners CDs but do not want to send money if the
operation is defunct.

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