Actually my copy of Ionisation includes Octandre and Density (I seem to recall it listed as "Densities" but could be mistaken). But I've never heard Ameriques. I'll take a look at Overstock and check the prices. Thanks for the tip.
Overstock.Com has two Edgar Varese recordings, both featuring
Ionisation and Deserts. If you aren't familiar with Ameriques, I would
highly recommend it- a gargantuan wall of 20th century symphonic
sound. One of the recordings features Density 21.5, a magnificnet
flute solo, very fluidic modern melodies.

--- In, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "Question 4- any Varese fan's out there?"
> Yes. Have Ionisation and Deserts. Need to get them on Cd though. My
turntable is a thing of the past. Someone needs to a complete Varese
box set.
> Mr. Skull

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