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Ryko has been biting it for several years now; they're next to insolvent. This deal will actually breathe life into their catalogue, which is a good thing.
Ironic, yes... But FZ 'turning in his grave'? I think not...

Oh, agreed that Ryko has seen better days (like before it hooked up with the Zappa Family to begin with). And the influx of cash and the potential increase of distribution will be a boon. But I do believe that if it was Universal or BMG there'd be less grave spinning than from Warners. Of course, Frank may have learned how to get past grudges in the afterlife. Who knows?
I AM concerned about the Ryko catalog in general. With all the promises of independence and autonomy, I still remember lessons of labels past that were bought up, given promises of autonomy, and then put essentially out of print. JMT and Gramavision are two that come immediately to mind. (And wasn't Gramavision bought out by Ryko way back when?)

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