I trust your ears. My philosophy with audience recordings is that there is almost always room for improvement. I’m listening to the 30th show now and it sounds decent for an AUD. Good strong bass (maybe a little too strong in places) and crisp highs. Claims not to have been doctored so I guess it was good equipment.


Jim L

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A little news for those awaiting this:

I've acquired the late show from the 31st as promised, BUT

The sound is pretty shitty (B+, as listed, is too 'friendly', IMO), and the speed is not right...

I can dick around with it, but I'm hesitant. It'd take me a little while to complete, for starters. Should I let it go as is, when I receive the 30th disks from JimL, and let the vine recipients do their own editing? I'd be interested in hearing what the 'q' has to say...


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