yep, the track sequence got me too? Bloody quick postman! I am impressed.
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Hi Folks,
Thanks to Richard Moore, this disc is safely with me and will be going to Thierry as soon as I get his address.
The Euro vine currently stands as follows (to the best of my knowledge):
<<< thierry barbier-fr > ( correque46@ ) << Neil (UK)<< Federico Valdes [EMAIL PROTECTED].> net << Luis (AR) [EMAIL PROTECTED] <<???
Please do not confuse this with the US vine also doing the rounds - some of the previous posts are a nightmare to follow!
I've taken the liberty of re-naming the subject heading slightly to try and avoid further confusion.
(By the way, I've no idea why the track sequence starts at track 4.)
Another offering from the Actuel Fest at Amougies on 25th October 1969.
This time it is the whole of the Pink Floyd contribution with Zappa joining the group for a mamoth "Interstellar Overdrive", preceded by Zappa and the Floyd tuning up.
This has been speed corrected, the version that is making its rounds at present is 8-10% too fast.
We also have here amazing versions of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" and "Saucerful of Secrets", where we can here the reason why Zappa admired the Floyd so much.
This FLAC version also contains mono versions of Dylan's "Blond on Blonde" and "Bringin' it all back home". All artwork for the Amougies is included.
Pink Floyd - 1969-10-25, Festival Actuel, Amougies, Belgium, 
Aud initial distribution of the audience tape was mastered slow,  this version has been SPEED-CORRECTED.
length:  75:07
 4. Astronomy Domine                          9:34 (was 10:53)
 5. Green In The Colour                         3:44   soundtrack source
 6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene         9:35  soundtrack source
 7. tuning up with Frank Zappa               2:44 (was 2:48)
 8. Interstellar Overdrive                       20:23 (was 21:03)
 9. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun  11:03 soundboard/FM source
10. A Saucerful Of Secrets                  18:02 (was 18:36)
David Gilmour - guitar & vocals
Richard Wright - organ
Roger Waters - bass & vocals
Nick Mason - drums
with Frank Zappa - guitar (7 & 8)
NB-- for this disc, the audience recordings of "Green Is The Colour" and "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" were patched with the more common soundboard source, taken from a documentary film soundtrack.  "Set The Controls" does not appear in the film but is taken from a later FM broadcast of the same soundboard tape.
1:45 of mostly dead air was edited from "Set The Controls" prior to broadcast, thus is missing here.  A minute or so of dead air was edited from the end of Astronomy" for this disc as well.
FLAC copies should include the audience recordings of "Green", "Eugene" and "Set The Controls" in a separate folder for whomever is interested.

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