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Hello all,

I got this from del yesterday.  In the interest of keeping pond-hopping to a minimum, I will make two copies.  One I'll send on to Richard (the Kingsport Ave. address, right?); the other I'll send to David G. if he confirms he's still on Oronoque Rd.  This'll keep it moving on, and take care of David since I'm in the US.  Fair?  Will send either as soon as I hear from them.

Thanks folks!

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>> Hi Group,
>> Received this disc from Bart today (Thanks once again, Bart, for
>reviving this one!)  I'm ready to send it on down the list.  Here's
>the order as it stands:
>> Pastor Del - USA << David G - USA << Joseph - USA << Richard
>Moore - UK << ChrisF - USA << Matt - USA << Nick - UK << Arto - FIN
><< r2daft2 - UK <<restallp - UK <<
>> Cheers!
>> John K
>David G
>please send me your address so I can forward this as soon as I get it

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