I know, but this is the whole point!
We had been told all along by the Master himself that those Panter 
LPs were shitty records. Now I find that no, they don't sound like 
shitty records. And you confer with me that the differences are very 
It WAS boring but hey, I did the whole work! :O)
Could it be that even Spencer Chrislu didn't have access anymore to 
those original specs for the Lather remastering project? Thus the CD 
sounding similar to the LPs'?
Anyone has a good copy of the original Lather 4-LP version that would 
shed a little light on this?
Or did Zappa just badmouthed Warner Brothers in order to boycott 
their releases?

--- In Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The problem I have with all of the "sonic" arguments is that you 
almost HAVE to listen to the tracks back to back in order to tell any 
difference - and what fun is that? (Obviously, the tracks with vocals 
vs. without vocals are pretty different, but 'sonically' it's still 
> There are better representations of radical sonic differences 
outside of Lather/Panter LP's - Cruising with Ruben & the Jets 
immediately comes to mind...
> Speaking of differences, where are we with the "We're Only In It 
for The Money" project that was mentioned so long ago? Just curious...
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>   Subject: [Zappa-List] The "3 doomed Warner Brothers LPs": how do 
you think they REALLY sound?
>   I have brought this topic up in the past. But now I have "gotten 
>   to business"  and carefully compared the original USA Discreet 
>   with the Spencer Chrislu mastered equivalent tracks from Lather. 
>   do not own the other individual CD versions, which are supposed 
to be 
>   mixed differently.)
>   My conclusion is that my ears were not as bad all along, and 
>   those LPs DO sound good (even VERY GOOD most of the time, save 
>   Duke of Orchestral Prunes, which is quite muffled) . This in 
spite of 
>   Zappa's contending way back that the masters he had delivered to 
>   they couldn't manufacture proper records out of because they 
>   been provided with the necessary technical specs - I don't 
>   the exact technical term - to complete the job and EQ them 
>   Chrislu's excellent (as always?) CD mastering does have slightly 
>   better percussion (high-end detail). Also, as some of the end-of-
>   pieces progress towards the center of the platter, my little 
>   cartridge doesn't track so well and distorts, so the CD 
equivalent in 
>   those cases is MUCH better... But that is only physics and not 
>   inherent to the master tapes.
>   All in all, I find it weird that the sonic difference is very far 
>   from dramatic... at least to my ears!
>   What's your own take/feeling/opinion on this?
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