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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 21:50:53 +0100

Certainly worth the wait. Count me in:

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If the chain is subject to Return of the Son of De-pondhopinisation (or
whatever) then just include me in the Euro-leg.


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Sent: 27 April 2006 21:32
Subject: [Zappa-List] Vine Open: Instant Bootleg Collection Vol. 3 & 4

Hello again folks. I'm glad to see that I.B.C. Vol. 1 & 2 are still
making the rounds. Sorry it's taken me so long to get 3 & 4 together
but HERE IT IS!!! Thanks again to all of the fine folks at the
Zappateers for all of their posts which is where all of these came
from and to Zappa-List which has provided me with quite a bit of
fine Frank tunes. Continuing on in this series is Vol. 3 & 4 whith
shows and demos spanning FZ's carreer. Enough of my blathering
though, here's what's on what.

Volume 3:

1990-00-00 The Valdez Score, broadcasted NOS Supplement FM 1991-??-??

14:36 min, FM A+

This is a rebroadcast from the piece that saw it's world premiere at
NOS Supplement 1990-12-21. There was no permission to broadcast the
piece in it's entire length so a few minutes are still missing.


01 The Valdez Score

FM>AIWA?? tape deck>TDK SA-90 cassette>TEAC W790R tape deck>Terratec
DMX6 Fire soundcard>Adobe Audition 1.5>WAV>Waves L3 Ultramaximizer
16 bits mastering>Flac Frontend encoding level 5>FLAC

show recorded by: unknown
tape transferred: WIU2B

1981 August - UMRK rehearsals

According to JN
??-Aug? 1981, UMRK, Los Angeles, CA
23 min, B+/B
Filthy Habits, Five-Five-Five, Canarsie, Heavy Duty Judy, Soup 'n
Old Clothes, Watermelon In Easter Hay, King Kong

Ripped from traded audio cdr.
Indexing only (with shntool) by av (it was a unique file)

Thanks to C for the tape.

1:19.68 810800 Umrk - 01 Filthy Habits.flac
6:22.66 810800 Umrk - 02 Five-Five-Five.flac
1:37.72 810800 Umrk - 03 Canarsie.flac
7:53.72 810800 Umrk - 04 Heavy Duty Judy.flac
3:18.65 810800 Umrk - 05 Soup'n'Old Clothes.flac
2:04.36 810800 Umrk - 06 snippets.flac

22:38.04 (totals for 6 files, 0.5265 overall compression

Brought to you by amnesivivace

31-Oct 1981, Palladium, NYC
Early show: SBD, A-

You Are What You Is,
Mudd Club,
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing,
Dumb All Over/Heavenly Bank Account/Suicide Chump (YCDTOSA 1),
Jumbo Go Away,
Drowning Witch,
What's New In Baltimore?,
We're Turning Again,
Alien Orifice,
Teenage Prostitute,
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes,
The Blue Light,
Tinseltown Rebellion,
Yo Mama,
Bobby Brown,
City Of Tiny Lights,
Strictly Genteel, ]
Dancin' Fool,
Whippin' Post

Source: 129 min 19 sec, SBD
Lineage: wav > SF7 > flac frontend (lvl 7, ) & CDR
Taped by: N/A
Transfered by: MrUMRK
Edited by: MrUMRK
File Size: 795MB GB (FLAC)

Frank Zappa's Band:
Ed Mann - percussion
Tommy Mars - keyboards
Robert Martin (Bobby) - keyboards, tenor saxophone, vocals
Scott Thunes - bass, vocals
Steve Vai - guitar
Chad Wackerman - drums
Ray White - guitar, vocals
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals
Note: Lisa Popeil was part of the band at the August rehearsals


tf = tapeflip
[ = cut at the end
] = cut at the beginning
~ = fading in/out or connects two or more tracks played like one
-IC = incomplete
& = added from dif source, complete or partly
°°° = walk's notes

Converted three files from wav to flac with Sound forge 7 NO EQ done

Part 1..43m
Highest peak -0.48dB.....adjust to -0.1dB
SA of 1st minute..19.9dB drop over 1kHz~10kHz

Part 2..40m40s
Highest peak -0.78dB.....adjust to -0.1dB
SA of 1st minute..18.1dB drop over 1kHz~10kHz

Part 3..42m10s
Highest peak -1.10dB.....adjust to -0.1dB
SA of 1st minute..19.9dB drop over 1kHz~10kHz

Thanks to LudzNL for the wav files.

Frank Zappa - 08-16-1984 - Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach - AUD - Master

1st show in the "Sit The Fuck Down!!!" series of master tapes
provided by Zappateers member MikInMontague

Transfered by jaypfunk

AUD> Unknown Handheld Walkman Type Recorder and Unknown Extrernal
Mic> Master TDK SA-90 tapes> Kenwood KX-W8020 Cassette Deck>
SoundMax Digital Audio PC Soundcard> Recorded To WAV And Edited With
Cool Edit Pro> WAV Files Split with CDWave> FLAC

Other then the tape change/flip editing this recording has not
been "Michael Jacksoned" in any way!
No noise reduction or hiss removal!

^^ DO NOT Rip this into MP3!! ^^
^^ IF I SEE IT ON as MP3 or on eBay... ^^

The 2 opening songs, Zoot Allures followed most likely by Tinseltown
Rebellion, are
missing from the begining of this source.

01 - More Trouble Every Day (cuts in)
02 - Penguin In Bondage (aka "Sit The Fuck Down!!!")
03 - Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
04 - Cocaine Decisions
05 - Nig Biz
06 - Outside Now
07 - You Are What You Is
08 - Mudd Club
09 - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
10 - Dumb All Over
11 - Sharleena (tape flip)
12 - Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
13 - Carol You Fool
14 - Chana In De Bushwop
15 - Let's Move To Cleveland
16 - Dinah-Moe Humm
17 - Cosmik Debris
18 - Watermelon In Easter Hay ("Guitar" version)
19 - Whipping Post

13 Nov 1980, Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, early show

Zappabase: 90 min, SBD, A-
This copy: 88:18 min, SBD A-/B+


01 - Chungas Revenge
02 - Tell Me You Love Me
03 - Cosmik Debris
04 - Keep It Greasey
05 - Tinseltown Rebellion
06 - Honey Dont You Want A Man Like Me
07 - Pick Me I'm Clean (cuts)

08 - Dead Girls Of London
09 - Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?
10 - City Of Tiny Lights
11 - I Aint Got No Heart
12 - The Torture Never Stops
13 - Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
14 - I Am So Cute
15 - Andy
16 - Joes Garage
17 - Dancin Fool

AUD>unknown mics>cassette>(?)TDK SA90>TEAC W790R tape deck>Terratec
DMX6 Fire soundcard>Adobe Audition 1.5>WAV>Waves L3 Ultramaximizer
16 bits mastering>Flac Frontend encoding level 5>FLAC

show recorded by: unknown
tape transferred: WIU2B

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention

'Ontario Slime'

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada



1. Be-Bop Tango
2. T'Mershi Duween
3. I'm The Slime
4. Big Swifty
5. Pygmy Twylyte
6. The Idiot Bastard Son
7. Cheepnis
8. Montana
9. Dupree's Paradise

Frank Zappa band rehearsal (Frank not present) (
Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 23, 1987

SOURCE: Analog cassette->Tascam 103->Tascam CDRW700 (CD-RW)->EAC-
>CoolEdit Pro (normalization)->CDWave (tracking)->MKWact (SHNing)
LINEAGE: Low generation (possibly 2nd or 3rd) cassette from

FILESIZE: 594 MB (622,941,877 bytes)

Ike Willis – lead vocals, guitar
Scott Thunes – bass
Chad Wackerman – drums
Bobby Martin – keyboards, lead vocals
Ed Mann – percussion, stunt vocals
Mike Keneally – stunt guitar, vocals, keyboards
Bruce Fowler – trombone
Walt Fowler – trumpet, flugelhorn, synthesizer
Albert Wing – tenor sax, flute
Paul Karman – alto sax, baritone sax, flute
Kurt McGettrick – baritone sax, bass sax, e-flat contra-bass


Disc 1:
1 Jezebel Boy
2 When The Lie's So Big
3 What's New In Baltimore?
4 Envelopes/Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch
5 I Ain't Got No Heart
6 Heavy Duty Judy
7 Filthy Habits
8 Pound For A Brown (On the Bus)
9 Disco Boy
10 Big Swifty
11 Who Needs the Peace Corps/I Left My Heart in San Francisco
12 Let's Move To Cleveland
13 Dancin' Fool
15 Strictly Genteel

Disc 2:
1 Andy
2 Inca Roads
3 Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel
4 Stick Together
5 My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
6 Willie The Pimp
7 Montana
8 Easy Meat
9 Peaches En Regalia
10 Sofa
11 Black Napkins
12 The Black Page


Please purchase Zappa releases at
Thanks to Doggus for releasing the tape to the community.
Thanks to da9ve for the mastering and authoring
Originally seeded to Easytree by Beer Monkey on 9/24/2004

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This is not an official ZFT product

27-Feb 1988, Royal Oak Theater, Detroit, MI
Rehearsals: 75 min, Aud, B
What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? (incl. Time Is On My Side),
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Uncle Remus, Strictly Genteel, Jesus
Thinks You're A Jerk, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Strawberry
Fields Forever, Paperback Writer, Taxman, Within You Without You

If you like noise and distortion do not download !

This Torrent contains audio which a truly free society would
neither fear nor suppress.In some socially retarded areas, audio
fanatics and ultra-conservative lossless organizations violate your
First Amendment Rights by attempting to badmouth noise reduction. We
feel that this is un-Constitutional and un-American.
As an alternative to these government-supported programs (designed
to keep you docile and ignorant), Ninja is pleased to provide
stimulating digital audio entertainment for those of you who have
outgrown the noise and distortion of poorly transferred and mastered
audience recordings.
The language and concepts contained herein are GUARANTEED NOT TO
This guarantee is as real as the threats of the Audio
fundamentalists who use attacks on noise reduction in their attempt
to transform America into a nation of lossless noisey nincompoops
(in the name of Purity). If there is a hell, its hiss and noise
waits for them, not us.

my transfers are done with soundblaster audigy2 sound card 24 bit
96 khz
sony d-6 cassette and monster cables
all mastering editing and sample conversion done with sony
soundforge and
waves direct x 24 bit plugins cds were burned using soundforge cd
*some of my older transfers were done with a gina 20 bit soundcard
and a magnavox digital cassette recorder with digital output

Starting Oct 1st all my torrents will include a noise file so you
can listen to what has been removed!


Vol. 4:

31 Aug 1973, Palasport, Roma, Italia

Normalshow: 100 min, Aud, C- ,
Normalshow: 84 min, Aud, B/B- ,
Normalshow: 128.44 By UMRU (This recording)

Recorded "Live" by me with a portable Castelli cassette recorder
on 1 Agfa low noise C90 cassette and 1 C120 (Aaaaaarghhh!!!) Sanyo
Reversed on HD from a JVC TD-W254 cassette deck
Recorded and tracked with Cool Edit 96.
No noise reduction , no EQ ,no OGM and natural flavors
it's a raw reversing on HD.
Tracks 01-10 belong from the first cassette and are of a better
than the others due to the quality of the tapes

01 Tuning-Intro
02 Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue-Kung Fu
03 Penguin In Bondage
04 Exercise Four
06 Montana
07 Duprees Paradise (Tape change at 10:42:555)
08 Village Of The Sun
09 Echidnas Arf
10 Dont You Ever Wash That Thing
11 Cosmik Debris (Not mentioned in Zappabase)(Missing beginning)
12 Arrivederci Roma
13 Brown Shoes Dont Make It
14 Son Of Mr Green Genes
15 King Kong
16 Chungas Revenge


George Duke - keyboards, vocals
Tom Fowler - bass
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Ralph Humphrey - drums
Jean Luc Ponty - violin
Ian Underwood - alto saxophone, synthesizer
Ruth Underwood - percussion
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals

From FZShows:

31-Oct 1975, Felt Forum, NYC
Late show: 139 min, Aud, A-/B+
Intro, Stinkfoot, Dirty Love, How Could I Be Such A Fool?, I Ain't
Got No Heart, I'm Not Satisfied, Black Napkins (w/ recitation
of "Packard Goose"), Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, The
Illinois Enema Bandit, Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy, Lonely Little
Girl, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, What's The Ugliest Part
Of Your Body?, Chunga's Revenge (incl. Five-five-five riff), Zoot
Allures, Swallow My Pride, Any Downers? (incl. Tryin' To Grow A
Chin), Wind Up Working In A Gas Station, Camarillo Brillo, Muffin
Man, I'm The Slime, San Ber'dino

Lineage: 1st gen audience tape->CDR->EAC->SoundForge (speed
correction, normalizing, editing, tracking)->FLAC Frontend

This is a great audience recording, that unfortunately has been
damaged somehow - I've upgraded this show 3 times, and all versions
have had these parts where the sound deteriorates. I also had some
problems with my CDRs, leaving small glitches at a few places in the
wav-files. I've fixed them, but there are a couple of minor skips
where these glitches were. Regardless of these problems, I think
it's hard to find a better version than this one. A great show it is

01 Naval Aviation In Art
02 Blues intro
03 Stinkfoot
04 Dirty Love
05 Norma Bell Whips It Out
06 How Could I Be Such A Fool
07 Ain't Got No Heart
08 I'm Not Satisfied
09 Black Napkins
10 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me
11 The Illinois Enema Bandit
12 Caroline Hardcore Ecstasy
13 Lonely Little Girl
14 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
15 What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body
16 Chunga's Revenge
17 Zoot Allures
18 Swallow My Pride
19 Any Downers
20 Tryin' To Grow A Chin
21 Wind Up Working In A Gas Station
22 Camarillo Brillo
23 Muffin Man
24 I'm The Slime
25 San Ber'dino

28-Nov 1975, Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI
112:16 min, Aud, B+

Lineage: Aud>MC>CDR/?>EAC>wav (CEP, retracked, minor edits)>flac
(Frontend with SBE correction) (727 MB)
Taped by: n/a
Transferred by: n/a (some N/R, 16kHz "red stripe")
Ripped by: BengoFury (from a traded CDR)


Intro (cut @1:56.5)
Dirty Love
How Could I Be Such A Fool?
I Ain't Got No Heart
I'm Not Satisfied
Black Napkins
Advance Romance (cut end)
Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
Illinois Enema Bandit (cut @0:20.0 - not (yet) listed in FZShows)
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
Lonely Little Girl
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?
Chunga's Revenge (incl Five-Five-Five riff) (cut end)
Zoot Allures
Camarillo Brillo
Muffin Man (not (yet) listed in FZShows)

== The Mothers Of Invention Sep 1975 - Mar 1976 ==
FZ, Roy Estrada, Terry Bozzio, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Andre Lewis,
Norma Bell (Oct 31 - mid Dec).

Song properties for this tour:
* Intro = a blues jam.


9/10-Jun 1966
"Boy Wonder Sessions" with Burt Ward
T.T.G. Studios, LA
20 min, A+

Produced by Tom Wilson
Arranged and conducted by Frank Zappa

Teenage Bill Of Rights
The Comedian
Boy Wonder I Love You
Orange Colored Sky
Teenage Bill Of Rights
Tears Come From Loving You
I Love
The Comedian

Orange Colored Sky
T.T.G. Studios, LA
June 10, 1966

Burt Ward--vocals
Dennis Budimir--guitar
Elliot Ingber--guitar
Lou Morell--guitar
William Pitman--guitar
Eugene DiNovi--piano
Anthony Terran--trumpet
John T. Johnson--tuba
Plas Johnson--sax
Jack Nimitz--b. clarinet, clarinet
Frederick Dutton--contra bassoon, bassoon
Benjamin Barrett--cello
Kenneth Watson--tympani, traps, mallets
John Guerin--drums

Boy Wonder, I Love You
T.T.G. Studios, LA
June 9, 1966

Burt Ward--vocals
Dennis Budimir--guitar
Elliot Ingber--guitar
Eugene DiNovi--piano
James Zito--French horn, trumpet
George Callender--tuba
Plas Johnson--sax
Justin Gordon--b. clarinet, clarinet
Benjamin Barrett--cello
Roy Estrada--bass
Jimmy Carl Black--drums


From Greg Russo: Burt Ward, the "Boy Wonder" Robin on the "Batman"
TV series, was signed to MGM Records in June 1966 after an
unproductive stint on the ABC-Paramount label. Tom Wilson produced
with Zappa arranging and conducting, and the break in the master
numbers indicates that other songs were recorded at these
sessions: "Teenage Bill Of Rights", "I Love" ["Autumn Love"?] , "The
Comedian" and "Tears Come From Loving You". Of these, Ward only
vocalized on "Teenage Bill Of Rights", the other ones were meant to
have his vocals, but time ran out at the recording session. Those
recordings are backing tracks arranged and conducted by FZ, who's
heard on occasion on the session tape. The record was released on
November 14, 1966.


Frank Zappa/Grand Wazoo

The Oval Cricket Ground
16 September 1972

1. Soundcheck/tuning
2. Big Swifty
The Adventures of Gregory Peccary:
3. Intro
4. 1st movement: Gregory wakes up & drives to work
5. 2nd movement: Gregory invents the calendar
6. 3rd movement: Gregory is attacked by the Hunchmen
7. 4th movement: The New Brown Clouds
8. Think It Over
9. Dogmeat
10. Penis Dimension/Variant Processional March/Regyptian Strut

Jay Migliori; flute, saxophone, clarinet
Mike Altschul; piccolo, bass clarinet
Ray Reed; saxophone, clarinet
Charles Owen; saxophone, clarinet
Joanne Caldwell McNab; bassoon
Earle Dumler; oboe
Jerry Kessler; cello
Malcolm McNab; trumpet
Sal Marquez; trumpet
Tom Malone; tuba
Bruce Fowler; trombone
Glenn Ferris; trombone
Ken Shroyer; trombone
Ian Underwood; synthesizer, elec piano
Jim Gordon; drums
Dave Parlato, bass
Tony Duran; slide guitar
Tom Raney; percussion
Ruth Underwood; percussion
Frank Zappa; guitar, conductor

Audience recording:
Master cassette>Sony TC-KE600s deck> Audiophile 2496>Soundforge>FLAC

Mothers of Invention
Paris, France

from Jon Naurin's RDNZL newsleter:

One of the greatest new finds in recent years. If you ask me, this

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