I’ve noticed some people asking to be added to vines lately. While everyone is eligible to participate in the vines and asking nicely is always a good thing, the actual act of being added needs to be done by you. You find the most recent email with the vine order list and add yourself on at the end. Here is an example of the proper way to do it.



The complete procedure is outlined in the FAQ located here.



The only thing not covered in the original FAQ is the new process called Hopination (I think). It is a process that speeds up vines by rearranging the order to avoid hoping across the pond so many times. This means that if the vine starts in the UK it will go to all the UK addresses first and then on to Europe and finally over the pond to north and South America. Australia well I’m not sure how we deal with Australia.  Then if it’s a long lived vine and others from the UK/Europe sign on then others from the US it should again be hopinated so that all US addresses get it before going back across the pond. If a vine starts in the US the process is reversed. Simple.


Jim L


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