I’m with you Stucco. And thanks for the dates guy’s. As I feared none that I can possibly make. I was thinking of a summer vacation to California but not by June. I’ll just hope for a pro shot DVD with soundboard audio. Anyone heard any rumors about a possible tour DVD of an official nature?


Jim L

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Wish I could go see them somewhere!


Glen Young <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Stucco was asking avout recent ZPZ shows so I've included this snippet from
another list regarding Sweden.

> steve vai ripped it up like a man-possessed. the guy next to me kept on
> saying "he must have sold his soul!". having said that, he wasn't
> brought out until after intermission and only played about 1/3 of the
> show. serious power chords, some fine picking, and left hand vs right
> hand switching up and down the fretboard, all his tricks... also, he and
> dweezil went back and forth soloing on a few songs, and he clearly was
> the "teacher" not the "student". for me, the highlight of his playing
> was how he interpreted the frank songs because i've seen him play his
> own stuff which can get excessive/repetitive after 45minutes IMHO. he
> was neither excessive nor repetitive although he was over-the top in a
> great frank way. think of hearing every guitar note clearly on peaches
> en regalia--better than any remaster! and what tones!
> napoleon was outstanding, playing all the napoleon parts plus adding the
> 70s george duke and all the frank vocals perfectly. perfectly. had me
> laughing outa my seat... think zomby woof.
> terry bozzio also only played about 1/3 of the show on the 2nd drumset.
> it was sort of funny--he couldn't keep the beat of the main drummer (a
> very good vinnie colliuta replica whose name i forget) but his power and
> solos/fills were supreme and over the top. he also sang punky's whips
> and kicked it out on the black pages. another man possessed...

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