Just so everyone knows: I don't actually have this disk in my possession, but have arranged for it to be sent to me; I expect to see it this week.
As the initial reaction came from the UK, I'm going to 'hoppinate' this vine to start from there - Europe<US<OWE (other worldly extremities), so the queue looks like this:
SOFA << John K ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) UK << Neil ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) UK << Richard ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) UK << Bart ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) Pol << Alain ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) CH <<  Dawayne Bailey ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) US << John G in Kansas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) US <<
In the order received - after hoppination. Any other takers?
The Poop: August 81 Rehearsal UMRK.
  1. Any Kind Of Pain
  2. Nig Biz
  3. Kaiser Rolls
  4. Dickie's Such An Asshole
  5. Portuguese Lunar Landing
  6. Teenage Prostitute
  7. Alien Orifice
  8. Cocaine Decisions
  9. Baltimore Moggio
  10. We Are Not Alone
  11. Any Kind Of Pain
  12. We're Turning Again
Have at it!

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