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Thanks to Michael Painter I can offer up this vine from the non-zappa list for you'all, to the first to respond off list with their addy and so forth. Since I am in the states(that would be the United States,hehhe) and another copy is circulated overseas right now from the non-zappa list, may I suggest we form the vine for people over here first to avoid some postage cost to everyone. Just my thought on it....any better suggestions of course are welcome.
So here it goes...
<<<Chris F-USA>>>
Frank Zappa - Music Hall, Cleveland, OH.  3/5/1988
Audience Master, Sony TR3 8mm Mono>PC>You!

very watchable, a bit shakey in parts, but overall pretty good quality

Disc 1

1.  Leaugue of Women Voters
2.  Black Page #2
3.  Dickies Such an Asshole
4.  When The Lies so Big
5.  Planet of the Baritone Women
6.  Any Knid of Paint
7.  The Texas Motel Medley
8.  Jesus thinks you're a Jerk
9.  Sofa #2
10. Cover Story 88 Interview
11. Arsenio Hall Show 2/1/89 Interview
12. Dwezil & Moon 2/21/89 Home Cooking Segment

Disc 2

1.  Lets Move to Cleveland
2.  Packard Goose
3.  King Kong
4.  I am the Walrus
5.  Andy
6.  Inca Roads
7.  Peaches En Regalia
8.  Stairway to Heaven
9.  Sharlena
10. The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley
11. Larry King Live 6/5/89 Interview

"Music is The Best!"
Frank Zappa
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