Well, considering we just had this conversation last week and we sorta tacitly agreed to keep this "convenience" vine off-list, yeah you could say I mind. No offense to you; what you do thru private email is your business.
Anyone wishing to participate in this opportunity is asked to contact Guy (or BaldHeaded John) directly; please do not respond with a group message.
Anyone who can't figure out how to respond directly to a member off-list is asked to respond to me directly off-list - or assume the risk of being publicly ridiculed...
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From: Guy
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 12:07 AM
Subject: [Zappa-List] VO Halloween and QuAUDIOPHILIAc cd format

These two DVD-AUDIO DISCS converted to cd.
Vine offered to purchasers of the original DVD-A discs seeking a more
convenient format for listening pleasure.
This is offered on the honor system. Honor thy MOTHER(and thy father
too also)!
This offer is also dependent on approval by board mod. Ya mine SOFA?



For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you.

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