Well actually SOFA said he’d prefer we didn’t even post dime links. Torrentbox is of course a good place for illegal file sharing of official releases. Most are OOP but still were official at one time. demonoid.com is another tracker with lax rules for anyone interested. A technical word of caution though. The Bittorrent protocol was not invented for illegal file sharing and so doesn’t hide your identity at all. If the RIAA decides to get nasty about it and go after users they can easily see what your doing. The one possible exception to this is utorrent software with encryption enabled.


Jim L

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I hope it's okay to post links to these..
Sleep Dirt was good, One Size was just okay..
and at mininova.org is a great d/l of Apostrophe from an orginal quad
mix...the site is down for now but it's
Enjoy friends!


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