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After listening to the three dates I’ve found so far this one is clearly the best. Zappa Plays Zappa with special guests Napoleon Murphy Brock, Steve Vai and Terry Bozio. Everyone sign up and then Hopination effect will be applied. I’m sending first to SOFA as he said he wanted one of these shows.


Jim L


The details



Tempodrom, Berlin, GER  22. May 2006


Intro: The ROXY DVD: Montana and Dupree’s Paradise


Disc 1:

01  Help I’m a Rock

02  Hungry Freaks Daddy

03  Let’s Make the Water turn Black

04  Florentine Pogen

05  Pygmy Twylite

06  The Idiot Bastard Son

07  Cheepnis

08  King Kong

09  Don’t Eat that Yellow Snow

10  St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast

11  Father O'Blivion

12  Inca Roads

13  Imaginary Diseases


Disc 2:

01  I’m So Cute

02  Tryin’ To Grow A Chin

03  City of Tiny Lites

04  Punky’s Whips

05  The Black Page (story)

06  The Black Page (drums)

07  The Black Page (band)

08  Peaches En Regalia

09  Montana

10  Village of the Sun

11  Echinda’s Arf (of You)/Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing

12  Zomby Woof

13  Sofa #2


Disc 3:

01  Camarillo Brillo

02  The Orange County Lumber Truck

03  More Trouble Every Day

04  A Token of His Extreme (outtro)


special guests in the band:

Napoleon Murphy Brock

Steve Vai

Terry Bozio


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