If only they were coming near me or I could go to see them. I do hope the DVD will come out soon after the tour.


Jim L

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What an amazing show. As the 11 union curfew came dweez was handed a
note saying he had 1/2 hour more and it was awesome. One of the best
parts about the show was when Dweez anounced that they will be playing
the Theatre at MSG 10/31.

Will post more about the show later but have to get back to work and
try not to sleep at my desk as I didn't get in til 3.


> For anybody else that is going to the ZPZ show tonight my plans are
the following I should be in to Grand Central by 3 then heading to
McSorleys in the village for food and beer before the show.I'll be
wearing a Cleveland Indians baseball cap.
> My seats are front row center lower balcony.
> Kevin
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