This order is correct, Dawayne
> SOFA << John K (Nokeating4@...) UK << Neil
> (neil_hawkins2003@...) UK << Richard
> (richard.leslie.[EMAIL PROTECTED]) UK << r2daft2 ([EMAIL PROTECTED].) UK <<
> Bart ([EMAIL PROTECTED]..) Pol << Alain ([EMAIL PROTECTED].) CH <<
> Dawayne Bailey ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) US << John G in Kansas
> (croontoonz1950@...) US << Skipsign US << Luis (lusi_tanio@...) AR <<
The vine will be sent to John first - as his was the first response, and then it will hoppinate over to Europe before it returns to the US.
As for your questions regarding Oct 26, 1973-Austin, TX. The band is  FZ, Tom Fowler, Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood, Napoleon Murphy Brock, George Duke,  & Bruce Fowler. This is a pretty common show; I've had it for years...
There are several sites that offer different chrolonolgies. For tours, I like . What type of chrology did you have in mind; touring, recording, record releases?

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

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