Yes a few fans with some nice software decided it was sharp (fast?) and took my original files and corrected them. They did ask if this would be ok with me and I figured why not. As it was already just a fit on one CD they removed some applause to get it to still fit. It was either that or put the last track all alone on it’s own CD. They had originally thought it was quite sharp but on close inspection it turned out that it was just a little fast. Honestly it wasn’t bad enough that I noticed it but, I figure FZ would want as close to perfection as possible so it’s all good. Of course he might want to put us all in jail too for spreading boots. Ah maybe not for spreading them for free ;-)


Jim L

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Subject: [Zappa-List] 26/10/73 speed corrected


has appeared on dime.......interesting to compare this with the copy I
already have.


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