I was also at the Wiltern show on Friday and fully agree that the band was tight.  Everyone on stage looked like they were having a great time,especially Nappy. Sheila Gonzales is amazing on sax!  It great to see old band members Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio and Brock.  It would have been even more fun to see Ruth - maybe next time.
Did not care for the sound, though.  I know the Wiltern can be made to sound much better!
John K
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--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED]ups.com, Jim L <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I haven't had time to listen to all of them. The Tower show and
the Toronto
> show have great sound. The Detroit show is getting rave reviews
> attendees but no recording so far. I'm expecting the west coast
shows to be
> special. I wonder if there's any chance of Ruth Underwood showing
up for a
> few songs?

I saw the ZPZ show at The Wiltern in LA last Friday night and there
were no guest appearances like Ruth. Bozzio played with one arm for
a few tunes on the encore.

It was amazing to see the footage of FZ from Halloween 1981 NYC
playing a guitar solo as the Dweez and band played along in real

Nappy sounded and played amazing as did Vai. The band was tight but
I saw no Irish setter.


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