If we're really lucky we might get the full show.
That is without the two advert break cuts (in Any Kind of Pain and Love of my Life) and the last encore (Strictly Genteel) too.
Fingers crossed.
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Just thought I’d share this with the list. Several of you downloaded my version of the Barcelona Spain DVD 1988-05-17. I think we had a vine of it here as well and if we didn’t we should have. So over the weekend I was told about a rebroadcast that’s coming up and a fan that’s all set up to capture it digitally. Below is his comment from my Barcelona details page on dime. This upgrade if it goes well should provide a full stereo soundtrack and improved picture of one of the best FZ performances ever captured on film.

Jim L

In comment #1187821 SharksTeeth wrote something like this:
I just got a PM from someone who is (I Guess) in Spain. Anyway he said that this great show is scheduled for rebroadcast in digital format. Sounds like he is going to make an upgrade to this torrent so keep an eye out for it. He mentioned Zappateers so it might be seeded here or there or both. Of course when I replied to the PM it deleted his message and I didn’t take note of the rebroadcast date. Sometime in the near future I think though.

Hi, was me. The rebroadcast is scheduled for August 5 and 6 (Yes, twice. This will prevent any power cut problem due a summer storms). So, in a month from now plus the time needed to do the authoring the upgrade will be shared here.

Of course the source at the TV station will be from the same anagogic tapes, but this time the recording will be digital. I will use SharksTeeth´s DVD as reference and guide to do the authoring and will list with detail the changes.

I will redo also the DVD artwork created by Jeremy Haynd to include the changes in the source and to differentiate both copies. But only the minimal necessary to do this, I want to respect their fantastic design.

If all goes OK, the new torrent info will be placed here.


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