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*Oct 22 - Canton, OH (Cleveland): Auction starts next week - check the ZPZ site on Monday for more details!
This freaked me out! The show is going to be at the Palace Theater. I grew up in Canton. I only live like 20 minutes away from there now. What I most associate the Palace Theater with is their screenings of movies that not a whole lot of people go see and the times I went there when I was a kid when our class went there on field trips to see a ballet or some stupid crap and the time my mom took me there to see Bambi when I was a wee boy. The only times I can think of that "rock bands" play there, it's usually a 50s revue, an Elvis impersonator and his backup band and 70s AOR/MOR crap that middle aged ladies listen to. So, yeah.. this was a bit of a surprise! I checked out their website to see that this month they're screening "An Inconvenient Truth" and "The Devil and Daniel Johnston". Damn. I guess they're getting a little more artsy and moving up in the world!

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