Hi Friends,
I've rescued the subject from the orphanage, I'll revine again in the group, thankx!
 All the Best from Portugal
                             Carlos Oliveira
                Praceta Dr. Barbosa du Bocage, 1 - 8ยบ D
                          2810 175 Laranjeiro
               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  "Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement"
                                  Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hi Carlos,
glad to see these discs are finally getting on the move again, after over 6
I will send them out to you first thing tomorrow.
Can you please also post a "sign-up" message to this vine in the Zappa-List
Message Board? Thanks.
Could you also please confirm the layout of your address ?
"2810 175", this is the postal code for the city of Laranjeiro, right ?
And finally, if you see nobody signing up to this vine in the Zappa-List
after you in the next days,
thanks for replacing my name and e-mail address with yours in the orphanage
once you have received the discs. Thanks again.
All the best from Belgium
Conehead / Christian

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