mark---i  purchased a copy of the live in paris show (any way the wind blows...) at: ----this show took two discs & were apparently made in the UK---at least that's what the small print dept says---there are several others from the same source---ya might give them a look (as well as all Zappa-viners...) for other little gems you might wanna pick up on---some fun hendrix stuff there, too---john g in kansas  
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Subject: [Zappa-List] 3 Possible vines - Unreleased Trance-Fusion, Dortmond 1984 and Paris 1979


Not sure if these are suitable for posting as a vine or not, they
were given to me by a friend.

The first is on a CD:

Unreleased Guitar Trance-Fusion CD


Then the following 2 concerts were copied direct from tape, they are
currently in wav format and need to be edited into a format that
will play on all PC's, CD players. But I do not have any software
for converting the files and bring them into one, together with
sorting the tracks. But if these are ok to post and someone is
willing to sort them into a proper vine I would be willing to copy
the files onto CD's and post them on, providing they then post them
on as a vine:

Frank Zappa – Sonnabend, 8th September, Dortmond 1984
Where the fuck are we

Frank Zappa – Paris 1979
Anyway the wind blows

I have the track details for both the concerts and the details for
the Trance-Fusion can be found on the website.

I look forward to hearing if they are ok or not to post as vines.



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