Sorry Steve, I didn't mean to come off as unfriendly...
FZ always advised to educate oneself; I guess that's where I was coming from...
The Cliff's Notes: If you have a digital representation of your collection - a trade list, you may post same in our files section; List members are encouraged to make personal trades off-list.
Mostly, we share music via the vining system; there's a pretty good explanation of that in the FAQ, but if you see a morsel that you'd like to copy for yourself and pass along the original, simply add your name to the end of the Vine list. This we do on-list.
Shit, I'm really not making this any more clear, am I?
You'll figure it out...
And Welcome to the Zappa-List!
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Hmm, a friendly bunch, eh? And here I always thought other people
who were Zappa fans were incurable cynics! ...I'll figure it out,


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