Wish I could afford to participate. I was looking at the big ticket items
for sale on Wolfgang's Vault yesterday. I guess now that the children of the
seventies are in the prime of their careers they can get thousands of
dollars for posters and such. That book is probably priceless.


Jim L


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I have the original FZ Songbook Vol 1 in mint condition. I've had it 
since it came out in 1973 and I've only looked at the photos. It's 
never been used for the music so it's not worn or torn. The glue in 
the binding is all intact. Beautiful mint condition. Been sitting on 
a shelf for 33 years. 

I also have Them Or Us - The Book if anyone is interested. 

I have a ton of stuff I've collected for decades and am now wanting 
to get rid of it all. I live in Los Angeles and would like to avoid 
putting it up on ebay but am planning on doing it soon. Just giving 
anyone first shot here before it goes out to the public. 

I have promo buttons, postcards, promo 8x10 glossys, a very rare 
unused early '80s promo sticker from Maxima gold strings with FZ's 
photo as well as Warren Cuccurullo's photo. It also comes with one 
of the gold strings in it's original package - unused. 

Lots of magazines with FZ on the cover with interviews, books and 
one-of-a-kind odds and ends. Let me know asap as everything goes on 
ebay soon. Happy holidays....


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