I also posted this to alt.fan.frank-zappa and figured it couldn't hurt to 
throw it out here, too...

Way back in 1997, when I was first experiencing the internet, such as it was, 
via America Online, such as it was, I remember downloading and listening to 
this .wav file...

It was a recording of FZ being interviewed / interrogated by a European 
border / customs agent or something of that sort. A few things that I still 
specifically remember about it...

-The European person stating that FZ was born on 21 December 1941, whereupon 
FZ corrects him that it was actually 1940.

-FZ saying something like "my brother was in the Army and visited this 
country.. he told me about some of the strange things you have here..."

-Shortly thereafter, the European person (in reference to some kind of 
implication from FZ about the Lonely Person Devices to be found in this 
says in a sort of angry / exasperated tone of voice, "YES, IT LOOKS JUST LIKE A 

In my years in AFFZ (about five and a half now, I think), I can't 
specifically remember anyone talking about this recording. I know I didn't 
imagine it, 
but a cursory Google search turns up nothing.

So, I'm wondering.. where the fuck did this come from? Have any of you heard 
it? When does it date from? What country was FZ entering or leaving? Can it be 
found on the web anywhere these days?


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