Thanks to John K, I received this set of 2 DVDs
  I got some difficulties to copy them, my computer didn't recognize them, I 
had to try several computers from my friends and finally find one that worked
  it has been sent to Nick three days ago
  happy new year to every body

   Nick (UK) [EMAIL PROTECTED] << andy goldstein usa ([EMAIL PROTECTED]<< ???


Zappa Plays Zappa 

NYC Beacon Theater 

June 12, 2006
Disc 1
King Kong 
Yellow Snow > St. Alphonso's 
Inca Roads 
Tryin' to Grow a Chin 
City of Tiny Lights 
Punky's Whips (long version) 
Disc 2
Black Page 
Village of the Sun 
Echinda’s Arf 
Zomby Woof (tapes runs out before end) 
Chunga's Revenge 
Oh, No! > Son of Orange County 
More Trouble Every Day 
A token > Band introductions 

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