Maybe or maybe not. Many of the shows we share freely turn up regularly on
Ebay. Most of these shows can be downloaded in lossless flac format for free
or obtained by vines here and other places. This is usually where the folks
selling on Ebay get their recordings but there is just no way to stop them.
Ebay makes money from every sale and so has no motivation to enforce their
own rules against this bootlegging. By EBay's own rules nothing on
recordable media is supposed to be allowed but thousands of them are
available. Likewise there seems to be no end to the customers that will
gladly pay outrageous prices for what they could get for free.  Who knows,
perhaps they have more money than they know what to do with. All I know is
that we are getting the same stuff for free and that's the way it should be.
I learned my lesson several years ago. I was new to this group and had just
ordered a VCD copy of "The Dub Room Special" from Ebay. I think it was $35
and on 2 CDs. Someone here pointed me in the direction of what was then Easy
Tree (now known as DimeADozen) where I downloaded the same thing. In fact I
got the download first and it was perfect. A few days later my Ebay copy
arrived and it had a couple of glitches when played back. Of course it's
been released on DVD now so can't be obtained for free anymore.     


Jim L


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Is this the same Fillmore show that has been traded here recently?






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