hmmm..heres another vine problem..could it be that the policy of a floating 
list is too confusing?? just my 2 cents

Les Watts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
            This vine chain looks way out of date - a number of members 
(including myself) are missing.
  Some time back (November) the vine was hoppinated and published as follows:
  Greg H US (bonarue@) << John K US << John G in Kansas(croontoonz1950@) << 
Joe.DP - US << [EMAIL PROTECTED] US << Guy Gonzo US
<<Andy Goldstein - US ( [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> )<< 
Richarde Moore ? UK << R2 - FIN << r2daft2 - UK << baeyens16 Belgium <<
 Ashley H (UK) >> ?? 

  If it is now with Skip (and the 4 US members have all had it) then there's 
two more US members to go before the vine comes across the Atlantic for the 5 
European members.
  I really can't see how this sort of thing keeps happening - and if there are 
any other members out there missing from the vine then I apologise for not 
picking you up here.
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    Thanks to Joe, I'm ready to pass this one on to Mr. Moore in the UK.
Please send your address and I'll get it in the Post...


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> Subject: [Zappa-List] VO: "The Big One" Halloween,Oct 31,1978 NYC
is moving
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] US << Richarde Moore - UK << Guy Gonzo US 
> << R2 -FIN <<Andy Goldstein - USA ([EMAIL PROTECTED])<<
> This vine is off & running to the next member on the vine,
Skipsign in MI. 
> Good music to all
> Joe-DP



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